"My expectations were exceeded and I recommend this experience to everyone out there."

The family was very welcoming from the first day to the last. I greatly enjoyed living with them and I would do it again in a heartbeat.


Jesse Gifford 

Kansas, USA

"The hosts were very amiable and provided a clean, comfortable living space."

The hosts were very amiable and provided a clean, comfortable living space, and the locaton was perfect for the Alcobendas campus of Comillas; therefore, it would be agreeable that this family would continue to host. When their children came to visit, they were incredibly welcoming and excited to converse. This family would be ideal for a student who is independent in planning actvities as they did not participate in many activities outside of walking, television, and occasional dinners with family/friends. There were some personal preferences/beliefs that made it somewhat difficult engage with them enjoyably. I would not choose to live with them again but mostly for personal reasons. They met all the basic requirements for hosting, though future students may also like to have more family involvement in learning the new culture and exploring Madrid. I found the current Inn Family platorm to be confusing; however, Roberta Alonso was very helpful and quick in answering my questions.


Daelyn Quinn

Indiana, USA

"They really made me feel like family and I still consider them family today"

I stayed with Eva and her son Alejandro during my semester at IE Segovia and had a lovely experience. The house is a half hour walk to the University through the countryside, which I made nearly every day without issue (although there are other options if you prefer). Sometimes they drove me into the city or I took the bus, which was quick and easy. When I arrived in Segovia I spoke conversational Spanish, but thanks to Eva and Alejandro I was fluent by the time I left. Eva is a wonderful person who will welcome you into her family--she will take you on tours of Segovia and she will feed you until you explode, which is part of the reason I walked so much. After six months in Eva's house I had learned more of the language, history, and culture of Spain than I could with a lifetime of reading, and I left with a larger family than when I arrived. They are lovely people and Eva is a hostess of the highest caliber. They really made me feel like family while I was there, and I still consider them family today.

Grant Dougharty

"My host was incredibly kind from beginning to end"

My host, Silvia, was incredibly kind from beginning to end. She went out of her way to make sure I was always doing well, even when I was sick or dealing with personal problems. She doesn’t speak any English which is GREAT for immersion into Spanish speaking. Sometimes foreigners feel very self-conscious speaking Spanish to native speakers, but Silvia is incredibly patient and works hard to help you express yourself and not give up! While always open to socializing, they respect your space and I was never bothered by any noise. The place was kept immaculately clean. Silvia constantly tidied up and a maid did a deep clean of every room once a week. The food was fresh, homemade, and accommodated my diet. Often there was too much food to eat, I was never left hungry. My local friends told me I was spoiled because of the Spanish delicacies she regularly made me! Finally, the location is ideal. It’s in the center and not too far from anything. The metro stop is right outside the door!
Megan Salsamendi

Semester of a Lifetime

My experience with InnFamily was phenomenal. Deciding to study abroad can be a daunting task, especially wanting to live with a host family. With little to no idea of how I would find a suitable family that was willing to let me into their home, InnFamily helped every step of the way.

From the moment I filled out the application, Innfamily was very responsive to all of my needs and requests. They worked very hard to ensure that I found the best living situation possible. With their help, I was able to spend 5 months in a home where I had the freedom to live my personal life with no hesitation, while at the same time getting to feel like a part of the family and enjoy a genuine Spanish family lifestyle.

Without InnFamily, my semester abroad would not have been the same. I will be forever grateful to Pablo and his team for giving me the experience of a lifetime.

Jonathan, Maryland, U.S.A.

"An Unforgettable Experience!"

My host family was one of the most memorable parts of my study abroad experience. Living with my host family, I felt truly immersed in Spanish language, culture, lifestyle. They also helped me make the most of my time in Europe by recommending things to do, foods to try, and places to go based on my personal interests. Thanks to the Moreno family for an unforgettable experience!

Alicia, L.A., U.S.A.

An experience that rewarded me with two long lasting gifts: a new language and a second family

I arrived to my innfamily household with the hope of improving my Spanish and familiarizing myself with the Spanish culture, but what I gained from the limited time I have lived with my innfamily surpassed my expectations.  I felt at home from the first day I arrived and was overwhelmed with kindness, generosity, and love. The days I spent with my innfamily are days I will forever hold close to my heart and treasure always. Three years later, I am still in contact with them.  It is an experience I very much recommend to anyone who seeks to explore the Spanish culture from a local perspective, learn the language, and have an amazing time surrounded by the most wonderful people. 

Layan, Haman, Jordan

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