Technical Note

This website has been created with the K-Fein content management tool (CMS) developed by Mastercafe.
Its main characteristic is the adaptability to different visual environments: desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets, mobile phones, game consoles and smart screens.
It complies with HTML and CSS3 standards, having compatibility tools for old browsers

HTML5 Powered with Connectivity / Realtime, CSS3 / Styling, Device Access, Graphics, 3D Effects, Multimedia, Performance Integration, Semantics, and Offline Storage
It integrates semantic elements, metadata, multimedia, CSS3, Ajax, 3D Effects and in some cases Offline data storage may have been activated

We recommend using updated web browsers for an optimal user experience.

This website has been verified on different versions of browsers and operating system platforms:

  • Google Chrome and Beta
  • FireFox (Windows / Linux)
  • Opera 12.20 (Windows / Linux), 21 (Blink Windows)
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • K-Meleon
  • Netscape Navigator
  • Mozilla
  • Maxthon
  • Avant Browser
  • Flock
  • Konqueror (Linux)
  • SeaMonkey (Windows / Linux)







Other browsers tested throughout the evolution of the K-Fein application are: Lunascape, derived from WebKit (Chrome) SrWare, Chromium, Flock 3, derived from Gecko (Firefox) Aurora, Comet, Camino; and derivatives of Trident (Explorer) Slim, as well as the new BLINK based on Chrome and Opera technology provided by Opera 21 and Google Chrome 25.
Navigation verifications have been carried out on other devices such as Nintendo-Wii type consoles and pda with Windows Mobile, the navigation results being satisfactory.

If you use Linux, Mac, Android or other operating systems with browsers that are not listed here and you observe any anomaly, please contact us.

Some sections of the web require the execution of javascript for which it is necessary that they be activated in your browser.

In some cases, the Adobe-Macromedia Flash Player plug-in may be used, which you will need to download and install in your browser to view the web.
The PDF documents referred to in some areas can only be viewed with Acrobat Reader 6.xx or higher.
Web based on CSS3 (cascading style sheets), if you use custom sheets or your browser is personalized in the aspect of content, you may display some content incorrectly. Special Internet Explorer browsing patches have been introduced in some versions.

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