Find a home away from home

Studying in a foreign country is an exceptional personal experience in which InnFamily can help you.
Find a Host which will be glad to welcome you into their home during the semester or academic year in which you are going to study in a foreign country.

Our ‘InnFamilies’ have all passed a strict screening process. They all commit to help guests improve their mastery of the local language. By the end of the stay your fluency will be much greater than if you had lived surrounded by other foreign students. 

With your ‘InnFamily’ you will get to know the local culture, its gastronomy and its traditions. Some of them may have among their members university students of similar ages to you, who may help facilitate your integration in the city and its social life. In most cases you will make long-lasting bonds.

The home of your ‘InnFamily’ is located within no more than 10 minutes walking distance from a Metro and/or Bus Stop and in many cases within walking distance from your university.

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