A friendly manner is an essential requirement

InnFamily offers students the possibility to be lodged in full- board accommodation with Spanish families.

Respect, good manners and a friendly and welcoming relationship with the students are essential requirements to become an ‘InnFamily’.


A Family Commitment

Our ‘InnFamilies’ are committed to provide students with:

  • Individual room with own closet, study desk and wifi. 
  • Individual bathroom or shared with other family members.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner adapted to the nutritional needs of the student and in accordance with the Spanish gastronomy and its healthy mediterranean diet. The student may also agree with the family the possibility not to take one of the meals. 
  • Laundry, linen and ironing will be provided as for any other member of the family.
  • Full independence, respect and the warm relationship typical of the cohabitation within a structured family.

The student will benefit of complete freedom of entry and exit to the home; he/she will be provided with a set of keys of the house..


Our requirements

The ‘InnFamily’ will receive directly from the student the payment of the established monthly fee within the first 5 days of each of the months of the student’s stay.  

InnFamily will look for a new host family within 10 days if requested by the student or the family and as long as there are justified reasons for such an exceptional situation.

Fill out the InnFamily application form and send it to us as son as it’s cpmplete.

Families Questionnaire

For more information:

A Family atmosphere and mutual respect are as important to InnFamily as to families and students